Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo is considered a lucky plant in Chinese Culture. Because of it’s almost transcendental sound quality, it attracts energy. Consider it growing in a garden swaying in the breeze; or a dried and hollowed out wind chime. This plant’s energy can be turned into an interesting decoration for your home attracting chi and good luck for you.

How to make a lucky bamboo chi catcher:

Plant a number of bamboo stocks in a glass dish, add rocks to hold the stocks in place. Add a red ribbon and you have all 5 elements of Feng Shui.

· Wood - the Bamboo itself

· Earth - the Rocks the Bamboo grows in

· Water - the Water the Bamboo grows with

· Fire - most (Chinese Bamboo Pots) have a red ribbon tied to them

· Metal - glass belongs to the Metal element. If the pot is clay or ceramic, add a metal coin, or metal figurine.

Depending on what you are looking to enhance, you can choose accordingly:

  • 2 for Love & Marriage
  • 3 for Happiness
  • 5 for Health
  • 8 for Wealth & Abundance
  • 9 for Good Fortune & Happiness

(9 is considered an overall lucky number)

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  1. Also here are some additional meanings from www.luckybambooshop.com

    Lucky Bamboo Towers
    Whether 2-tier, 3-tier or more, lucky bamboo towers anchor Feng Shui and light up the future.

    Lucky Bamboo Trellis
    Trellises made of braided lucky bamboo are used in Feng Shui to prevent bad energy flow. A trellis is also symbolic of the ladder of advancement.

    Braided Lucky Bamboo Canes
    Lucky bamboo is often braided into beautiful sculptural arrangements like pillar and pear-shaped trees. Double braided canes bring good news. Triple braided canes bring new development in business and life.