Monday, March 29, 2010

Crystals the Feng Shui Aspirin

When we can identify problem or stagnant areas in our home, a very easy and effective solution is to hang a round crystal from the ceiling. The crystal should be at least 40 mm in size,(bigger is better) and must be round to catch and re-direct energy.

Depending what the problem is and where it is will determine where to hang it in the room. Catching the fast flow of energy from a long straight staircase would dictate it being hung at the end of the stair to slow energy and diffuse it. Hanging from the middle of the room would catch energy and diffuse it around the room.

Crystals are considered "transcendental solutions". Meaning they work at a level of consciousness we cannot see, nor easily explain. But, are known to be highly effective.

One last note, using crystals along with making the necessary physical and mental changes to your environment will exponentially make a difference.

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